The Connaught Club


Late Victorian visitors to Barn Hoppett would hardly recognise the area which we see today.

Situated deep in the heart of Epping Forest by the tranquil waters of Warren Pond, the Club has evolved from its early beginnings in 1885 as a humble leisure facility providing tennis and croquet for the Royal Forest Hotel, to a proud, vibrant , independent members Club which we see today.

Green Bowling was introduced in 1909, but 1945 sadly saw the demise of the Croquet Section. In response to the squash boom of the 1970's the Club built four courts in 1971 and with commendable forethought, erected two permanent indoor tennis courts in 1987. A gymnasium was built in 1993 and a winter tennis airdome was added in 2004.

Over the years the Club has developed a reputation as a centre of excellence for bowls, tennis and squash and many famous names have graced its sporting facilities.

The car may have replaced the pony and trap but the sight and sound of tennis balls and woods remain. The Club is proud of its long tradition and will continue to strive to provide top class facilities and enjoyment for all its members both in the present and the future.